Saturday, March 19, 2016

Flipkart Affiliate program :Easy Way to Earn Money Online From Flipkart

Flipkart Affiliate program , if You are reading this or searching for affiliate program detail so you know about blog writing already.

Main point is what Is Flipkart Affiliate program , how Flipkart Affiliate program works? how to earn money from Flipkart Affiliate program. 

Affiliate program is basically commission based program , for helping flipkart in selling things online. If one product is sold on flipkart , chain of commission rotate. 
When a product is ordered on flipkart Seller of the product get its payment, Flipkart is the online store (mediator) so it get it cut in the sell, and  if you are a Publisher or sign up for flipkart affiliate program then a percentage of the amount will be provided to you for representing that product on your site or blog.

Now when to sign up for the  Flipkart Affiliate program. 
  • When you are new on blogging .
  • When your Site is under construction( because that time your site is not qualified for the Google Adsense.)
  • When you don't have high number of visitors.
 If you Want to EARN MONEY ONLINE IN LESS TIME then this option is great.

Tips and tricks for earning money from Flipkart Affiliate program.
Flipkart Affiliate marketing
 This is the most important part of earning money , 
How to earn money from Flipkart Affiliate program.
  • Mouth Publicity : For selling more product through your site ask your friends and relatives if they are buying anything from flipkart make sure that they go through your site and it is the most easy and maximum paying trick.
  •  Intersection : Interact with your visitors, Yes interaction with your visitor will improve your site's trust factor and the visitor will meet your site again and 2/100 or 2/1000 Visitor will buy the product from your site. This is The main point
  •  Sharing : Sharing on social networking site and on Demanding posts will increase your products selling.
  • Apply all your New ideas on the earnings.
  • Spend Time on Blog writing and Understanding the Environment   of the Earning Money Online.
Steps Involved For sign Up
  1. Open the 
  2. Sign up Using your Email Address  
  3. Fill the Mandatory details
( You will need PAN card And Check book For Verification Process. If you don't have check book you can Use your Pass book of account for verify your Account on Flipkart Affiliate program but you need to mention bank's Your IFSC code on it and your account number .)
You are ready for Flipkart Affiliate program.


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